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EPD Southeast Asia Logo Usage Guidelines

Logo Purpose

Use the EPD Southeast Asia logo on official materials for the EPD Southeast Asia Program to help distinguish them from other environmental labels.



The logo is like a measurement tool. It's owned by IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet AB in Australia and New Zealand, licensed to EPD Southeast Asia Ltd.

Logo Usage
The International EPD® System logotype should be used on all official printed materials and declarations connected to the program to avoid confusion with other types of product-related environmental labels and declarations.
For EPD Owners

Use on EPD documents, product packaging,  promotions, and organization materials.

For LCA/EPD Consultants

Promote services with the logo.

For Verifiers & Certification Bodies

Promote services with the logo.

For Educational Institutions

Use for education.

For Other Stakeholders and the General Public

Need written agreement. Please contact the EPD Southeast Asia Secretariat here to acquire logo usage permission

Misuse Warning

Misuse is not allowed, it may lead to legal action.

Logo on Different Backgrounds

Approval is needed for non-white or non-black backgrounds.

Construction Product EPDs

Please use the ECO Platform EPD logo in addition to the standard EPD International and EPD Southeast Asia logo.

Additional Logos

EPD Owners can use The International EPD System logos.

Download Logo

EPD ECO Platform Verified logo

For construction product EPDs, please add the ECO Platform EPD logo to accompany EPD Southeast Asia Logo

EPD Southeast Asia-No Background

The primary logotype for EPD Southeast Asia without background. Please Note that the logo should always be placed in front of a white background whenever possible

EPD International Simple Logo (without byline)

To be used when the byline cannot be clearly read, on light backgrounds.

EPD Southeast Asia Hi-Res logo

The primary logotype for EPD Southeast Asia in white background. Please Use this high quality, print version logo whenever possible.

EPD International Main Logo (with byline)

This is the primary logotype for EPD International. Usage to accompany the EPD Southeast Asia logo is optional and preferred.

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