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Registration and Publication

​After verification, EPDs can be registered and published by the Southeast Asia EPD Programme. Once published the EPD will also appear in the EPD library of the International EPD System, ensuring world-wide visibility. To register a new EPD, the following documents must be provided to the Secretariat:

  • EPD registration form (link to template)

  • EPD  -  final version after verification. The EPD may be provided in one or multiple languages, and in multiple versions formatted for desktop computers or mobile use. If the EPD is not available in English, it shall contain an executive summary in English that includes the main content of the EPD.

  • Verification report in English as provided by the verifier, and/or certificate of EPD Process Certification.

  • Product description in English to be used at

  • Picture of the declared product or service to be used at

  • Company logotype (only needed in the case of first EPD registration). Please note that due to technical reasons, the maximum size of a single e-mail is 15 MB. There is a fee structure associated with the registration and publication of EPDs in the International EPD System, which is the main source of funding for the operation of the programme.

Upon receiving complete and correct documentation, the Secretariat shall issue a registration number and publish the EPD at, supplemented with information about the organisation, contact details, etc. The programme operator may also publish the EPD in alternative formats or managed databases to enable further use of EPD information. Upon publication of the EPD, it will be valid to be used by the organisation until it has expired or is de-registered. During this time, the organisation may also use the International EPD System logotype.


    There are currently a few voluntary options during EPD registration. These options may be subject to additional fees.


Certificate  An EPD owner may request an electronic certificate to demonstrate that the EPD is registered and published within the International EPD® System. The certificate is issued by the Secretariat upon request and after outstanding fees have been paid.

  • Use of the ECO Platform EPD logotype

    This option is only applicable to EN 15804-compliant EPDs for construction products.

  • Machine-readable EPD

Choosing this option means that the Secretariat prepares a machine-readable EPD file based on the EPD. The machine-readable EPD is published alongside the EPD at The company may also provide a ready xml-file during registration to be published in the database.

Dual registration into other programmes As part of its efforts for international harmonization of EPD information, the International EPD System has made mutual recognition agreements with established EPD programmes.

A published EPD may be corrected and amended (see Section 6.5). An EPD will normally remain published until the EPD owner requests it to be de-registered by contacting the Secretariat.

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